Cloudbuster Accessories

Balloon Filling Hose

Balloon Filling Hose (#92106) $69.95(C) each.
Designed with a hand-tight connection, 24" hose, and built-in restricted flow to ensure quick, easy, and controlled helium inflation of Cloudbuster Balloons.

Heavy Nylon Tether Line (150-ft. spool) (#91247) $16.65(C)

Display Pennants

Display Pennants
$19.20(A) each.
(#91246) Assorted Colors
(#91245) Red/White/Blue
For use with 5.5 ft. and 8 ft. Cloudbuster Balloons. Includes 6" x 18" poly pennants on 100-ft. line. (80 pennants per line)

Color Chart
Helium Inflatables

Cloudbuster Balloons and Kits

Cloudbuster balloons are manufactured to professional standards. The raw latex materials used in producing these balloons help withstand the sun's ultraviolet rays, while the slender neck makes inflation easy.

Cloudbuster Balloons
  Price Per Piece     ABCD
Item No. Description Printing 1 10 50 100
4C 4-ft. Round Cloudbuster Balloon
NONE 42.10 37.27 30.25 26.46
5C 5-ft. Round Cloudbuster Balloon
NONE 59.00 51.09 40.83 34.15
8C 8-ft. Round Cloudbuster Balloon
NONE 105.20 89.73 81.00 68.92


Cloudbusters - 4 ft., 5.5 ft., 8 ft.

Cloudbuster Kits
Cloudbuster Kits Include: One 5½-ft. or 8-ft. Balloon (Select color); 100-ft. Pennant Line (Select assorted colors or Red/White/Blue); and instructions. The 8-ft. Cloudbuster Kit also includes one 150-ft. spool of Heavy Nylon Tether Line.
  Price Per Piece    ¬†ABCD
Item No. Description Printing 1 10 50 100
5CK 5½-ft. Cloudbuster Kit
NONE 76.50 67.27 56.42 47.43
8CK 8-ft. Cloudbuster Kit
NONE 134.16 116.36 103.50 88.62

Additional Product Information

Helium: Helium tanks often can be rented from welding supply shops listed in Yellow Page directories. Different sizes of tanks are available and often can be delivered to and picked up from the event location.

Because the filling and usage of any large display balloon is beyond our control, no performance or longevity guarantee can be made. Balloons should be flown clear of poles, signs, trees, etc., to prevent damage. This product is not intended for re-use.

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