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Microfoil Balloons

Special Shape Microfoil Balloons

Custom shape microfoil balloons

The power of point-of-purchase displays is increased with the use of special-shape Microfoil balloons. They add color and motion to any display to boost brand recognition and increase sales without the loss of floor space.

Contact Customer Service for price quotes. Pricing will depend on the number of colors, and the overall size and shape of the balloon. Normal minimum for Custom Die Shapes: 5,000 balloons per shape and per design. Normal minimum for existing Die Shapes: 2,500 balloons per shape and per design.

We have existing dies that are available at no charge. See examples at right. Contact Customer Service for other sizes, price quotations, and specific details.

ACSI Qualatex AdRite Balloons Adopt Code

Prices in U.S. dollars. Prices effective through December 31, 2018.

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