Guidelines for Supplying Artwork

Electronic Files

E-mail artwork to Distributor name and purchase order must appear in the subject line.

Upload artwork at

A hardcopy, PDF, jpg, tiff or faxed image must accompany the purchase order for verification or a proof will be sent for approval.

Type should be converted to outlines. All art should be embedded and not linked.

Artwork will be resized to the maximum imprint area of the product unless indicated otherwise.


Latex and Ball Printing

Adobe® Illustrator CC or below in Vector Format. Bitmap/raster only allowed for photo prints. See Photo Print heading for more information.


Microfoil Printing

Adobe® Illustrator CC or Adobe® Photoshop CC. For art submitted in Illustrator all support files must be supplied including embedded images. Photoshop files should be 300 dpi in CMYK format. When supplying Photoshop files, including support files, please do not flatten the layers in the file. Please convert any text in your file to outlines or supply the fonts for live text.

*No other file formats can be accepted, including InDesign files exported for Illustrator.


Flag, Tent, Table Cover, Banners, Economy Backdrops, and Pop-Up Wall Printing

Adobe® Illustrator CC or Adobe® Photoshop CC. Vector art recommended for most logos and text. Complex raster/bitmap or photographs must be a minimum of 75 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) at actual printed size. For best results, art should be 150 PPI at full printed size. Pantone spot colors recommended. Colors will be converted to Pantone matches unless otherwise stated. Art will be sized to maximum imprint available unless otherwise stated.


Formats that are not accepted (in some cases they may be exported for Illustrator)

CorelDraw®, Macromedia® Freehand, Adobe® InDesign, QuarkXpress®, Microsoft® Publisher, Microsoft® Power Point files, and word processing files such as Microsoft® Word.

Additional charges may apply to artwork not submitted in the correct form.


Halftones and Line Screens

Halftones are printed at 40 lines per inch on latex balloons. Halftones are not accepted for 30" & 36" latex or AdMax Mini Sport Balls.


Multi-Color Print for Latex

Art must be vector art set up in spot colors. Stock inks will be used unless PMS inks are specified. Ink colors can shift approximately 1/8" in any direction. Order acceptance is based on artwork and printing capabilities. Artwork adjustments and/or a pre-production sample may be required. Balloons need to be inflated and viewed from 5 ft. in order to evaluate colors and printing.


Photo Prints

Latex Photo Print Charge (#80940): $68.00(C).

Reproduction of photographs requires either a quality, 5" x 7" print with good contrast, or an electronic file at a minimum of 150 dpi at actual printed size. Black and white images preferred. Light backgrounds with images as large as possible within the frame will give the best result. For photos of people, the shot should include head and shoulders with little or no background. Dark ink requires a positive image and is recommended for light balloons; light ink requires a reverse image and is recommended for dark balloons. When combining light and dark inks, two cuts/screens will be required. Minimum order quantities apply for each cut/screen. For best results, photo should occupy at least half of the imprint area. Vector art for graphics/type may be required. Not available on 30" or 36" latex balloons.



  • All orders shipped by least-cost method. If a specific shipping method is authorized, please indicate on order. No orders shipped C.O.D.
  • Return Package: Any addresses that are incorrect, undeliverable, address correction required, returns, and abandoned shipments are all subject to being billed back to the Distributor within 60 days after product shipment.
  • Drop Shipments: For shipments inside the USA, $10.00(F) per location.
  • For split shipments to 10 or more addresses, a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet with full address information must be supplied. Additional lead time may be required for split shipments. Please contact Customer Service for the template file.
  • International Shipments: Pre-approval required. Upon approval, $15.00(X) International Documentation Handling Charge per location will be incurred. Third Party Billing in currency of destination country is required.
  • F.O.B. Factory: Kansas or Ontario, Canada for latex balloon orders.
  • F.O.B. Factory: Kansas for AdMax Mini Sport Balls and Microfoil balloons.


Shipping Weight & Standard Packaging

All shipping weights include carton. Special packaging is available, contact Customer Service for quotes.